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My Design Process : Questionnaire

In my last blog, I briefly spoke about a questionnaire that I give to my team of customers. Team, the purpose of this questionnaire is not to avoid customer interaction. These questions are to get the customer’s juices flowing also to get them into the correct mindset for the second exploratory meeting. Certain designers give out the questionnaire and do not bother investigating and extracting more information from the customer. Please do not do that, that will just make the designs created mediocre; also you may miss what the customer concepts. Start off with a similar set question to the ones that I will share with you and extract information from the customer. Use these questions as a base to dig deeper and gather more in-depth information from your customer.
The first set of questions are centered around the company or customer that I have designed for. Here I take the chance to start inquiring about the business I try to see if the customer is aware of competitors. Asking for the …

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